Is it worth adding solar panels to your home?

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Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate and enhance the world’s journey towards the adoption of solar power and sustainable living. We believe this global movement starts with you.

So You’re Thinking Of Going Solar

Great! There has never been a better time. The price of solar panels continues to drop year after year, and millions of Americans are eligible for government subsidies, rebates and incentives that make solar even more affordable. The more sun your home receives, the more power you generate, and the more money you save. And even if you live somewhere that does not get a lot of sun, you can still cut your energy bill significantly with solar, with as little as $0 down. You’re also doing your part to protect the environment and provide a better future for our planet.

Lower Your Electric Bill

Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it to useable electricity, resulting in little to no electric bill.

Increase Property Value

Due to tax credits for going solar, solar panels may be a cost effective way to increase your property value.

Help The Environment

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is a renewable, sustainable and clean source of energy.